Kellie McDonald    Brand Director  

Kellie McDonald  

Brand Director  


Q&A with Brand Director, Kellie McDonald

Q. You’ve lived all over the world, modeled for Prada, had great success in both the fashion and home interiors industries and could have worked anywhere you wanted. What drew you to Antage Bleu?   

A. AB offers the ability to work with creative and powerful women who together have the same voice and force for beauty. We are passionate about living a balanced life and believe we can have it all.

Q. Congrats on being an expectant mother! Do you have a favorite piece of wisdom that has been imparted to you recently?

A. I love the quote by Elaine Heffner,  "The art of mothering is to teach the art of living to children."

Q. What are some of your favorite brands?

A. I love Jurlique and SKII for skincare, Honest Company and Mama Mio for their children’s products, Kimara Ahnert, Carol Hannah and Samantha Willis are my go-to just-under-the-radar favorites and YSL, Burberry and Ralph Lauren are my lifetime achievers.

Q. Fill in the blank....

A. I start my day with HOT LEMON WATER and can’t live without RENE FURTERER DRY SHAMPOO. If I could live anywhere, I’d live in GRANT PARK IN ATLANTA and have a second home in PARIS. The most important things to me are MY FAMILY and LIVING A GOOD LIFE. My favorite thing about the South is PORCHIN’, my favorite Southern dish is KATY SEIB’S CORNBREAD and my favorite Southern heirloom is my BABY BLEU PRAM BLANKET!